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Coulsdon Coppice Friends Group

History of Coulsdon Coppice

In 1984 local residents were worried that the six acres of woodland, left over from development, bounded by Coulsdon Road, Rutherwick Rise and St. David's, would also be developed. They formed an action group and were able to secure this area for public use and a nature reserve. Until 2011 London Wildlife Trust had looked after this site with the help of local residents, but were not able to continue. On Saturday 21st January 2012 the Friends of Coulsdon Coppice group was formed under the chairmanship of Councillor Chris Wright with a secretary, treasurer and committee. This will enable the group to apply for funds and insurance etc.

The project to improve Coulsdon Coppice for the wildlife and for local residents is proving to be a success story. Since the first gathering of local volunteers on 1st October 2011, there have been many working mornings with an increasing number of local residents. A great deal of litter and rubbish has been cleared, the steps and paths opened up and a great deal of dead wood removed. Much has been achieved.

Although the lease of the site is still held by London Wildlife Trust, it is hoped that this lease can soon be returned to Croydon Council and the new group of friends can, with help from the Council, begin some of the major work that is needed to restore the Coppice and provide an area that will be preserved.

The Coulsdon Coppice Friends' Group are conducting a survey of the Coppice with the aid of a video recorder and previous records. This is needed to identify the location of all the special plants and trees. Meanwhile other volunteers have been busy clearing the paths, which had become quite overgrown. Children from nearby Byron School have been asked to help by designing posters urging people not to drop litter in the Coppice.

The final working session of the season at the Coppice was again a successful morning. There is now a lull in our activity so that the birds can nest in peace. We will review the results of a site visit with London Wildlife Trust (who still have the lease of the coppice) and Croydon's Tree and Parks officers. They have offered a lot of advice and help with major works that will be needed if the Coppice is to maintain the aim of the Friends Group to keep it as a haven for wildlife as well as a place that residents can enjoy.

The Friends Group are looking forward to the new phase in our maintenance and welcome any new helpers. They are meeting on the second Saturday of each month at the Car Park by the northern end of the Coppice at 10.00 am.

If you would like to join the group please click to email Cllr Chris Wright or ring on 01737 555581. Please come and give help and support, you will be very welcome.

Cllr. Chris Wright

Gloves, litter picking sticks and bags are provided, but suggest suitable clothing and footwear. Tools would also be helpful.

Updated 03/01/17

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