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You had one job !

If a drain is blocked or not working as intended, PLEASE report it directly to those responsible, over and over if necessary, it's dysfunction might not necessarily affect you but the cumulative effect downhill could be devastating.

If the problem relates to the surface water infrastructure (blocked road gullies, overwhelmed soakaways, highway flooding) please use the Council website to report the 'fault'.


Get an incident number, if no action is taken after 28 days, make a Stage 1 Complaint, if you're not satisfied after 10 working days (Surrey) or 20 working days (Croydon), make a Stage 2 Complaint, if you're still not satisfied after Stage 2, consider escalating your complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman.







Tel No… 020 8726 6000



If you experience problems with the sewer system (blocked drains, burst manholes, foul flooding) please report the fault using the Thames Water website.

(nb if your 'waste' is combined with a few neighbours (even if on your land), save your money and don't get your own rodding kit out, call Thames Water – we are paying them to dispose of waste.

Under the Transfer of Sewers Act 2011 (following the Pitt review), combined sewers are the utility companies’ responsibility; you're responsible only for your private section).

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Again, please get a reference number.


During a recent FLAG MAM, TW acknowledge issues with the Attenuation sewer in Caterham Drive, blocking regularly.


In the catchment, the sewers from the East side Of Caterham on the Hill (approx Banstead Road) discharge to the Croydon system via 12.7 km of drains via just ONE 9" pipe running down Caterham Drive, that's a lot of...

The West side of Caterham on the Hill discharges via, Happy Valley, Chaldon Way and Marlpit Lane towards the Beddington Lane treatment plant.


To avoid blockages, please could we ask you all to be mindful?

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