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(Flood Group)

SCC and LBC are the Local Lead Flood Authorities (LLFA) and must by law manage the flood risk.

Section 19 Flooding Investigations, under the Flood and Water Management Act (FWMA) 2010, requires a LLFA is to investigate flood events that are considered locally significant and to publish a formal report into that event.

Caterham on the Hill Section 19

Old Coulsdon Section 19

In April 2016 SCC in partnership with other Risk Management Authorities, commissioned the Atkins report.

Following the June 2016 Floods, Atkins produced a Strategic Outline Case (SOC), which detailed 'possible' Flood Alleviate schemes.

The FLAG notes can be downloaded here.

River, Surface water and Reservoir flood map, can be viewed here.

The River Flood maps are incomplete, the Woldingham, Chipstead, Coulsdon and Caterham on the Hill (Essendene Stream culverted behind listed buildings at Townend) Bournes are not shown.

The Caterham Bourne is shown (next predicted to rise in 2021), here's the section 19 and newsletter, it is crucial that the Kenley Waterworks be protected from flooding, SES extract between 15 and 30 million litres a day from the Caterham/Woldingham Bournes (via boreholes), serving 46,000 local homes with safe drinking water. In 2014 the facility was within 10mm of failing.

The River maps are referred to by developers, its crucial that all these lost rivers are included, the EA are to apply for funding in Nov'19, with a view to surveying the catchment indicated here.

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